National Sibling Day

Night sky cerulean blankets envelop the town, Warm coffeehouse lights and lighter heat and keep me, Remind me of bonfires, home, farm, summertime swing dancing. Dad’s in his chair with his cigar, reading us stories and making faces, Making us laugh.   It’s years ago now. Double wedding on a cold and crisp Christmastide evening, […]

Sol Invictus

Lady Dream, and I her Dreamer Bruised and battered visions Visited before Too often terrible truths Or graceful lies. Lady Dream, and I her Dreamer Drowning in depths, despairing Sand and tide, roll and rise Terrible blurs of fear Graceful pulse of seams unseemly. Lady Dream, and I her Dreamer Terror of torment and truth […]

The Third of Lazarus

Lazarus lived, loved And died, And lived again. Raised in body by God in body And died again. And will live again, Be raised in time after time By the God in His body. I live, and love And will die. And like Living Lazarus, Will be raised by the Bodied God And live and […]

καπνός προσευχή

The smoke starts sighing, sorrowing deeply. Repentant tears are an expected result of the sad breath playing on my eyes. The death- dirge plays and the sound is crackling, crumbling paper and prayers carried to Creator, whispered, but not understood by mortal minds and earthly ears. I breathe the prayer in, and add a line […]

Like Glass

Like glass, I’m heated and blown and formed in the fire, purged of imperfections. Like glass, I’m stained bright colors- beautiful blue and green and my glory splashes and dances around me when you shine through. Like glass, I pick up dust and dirt and my crystal colors are smudged from the places I’ve been, […]