But of all these…

​The greatest is love.

Love is the green,

The grass, the smile

On the lips, the chair

That feels like home.

Love is in hands,

In books and songs,

And friends, new and old.

It is in the air we breathe,

The words we say,

And the way we speak.

Love is in the stars at night,

And the sun by day. 

Yea, and as day by day we grow,

So do our loves, and loved ones.

And new friends become old,

And our love matures as the vines

Of friendship grow ever longer

And lovelier, wrapping themselves

Around our chest and heart,

Until they bloom and burst forth

In blushing red and bright gold.

And though broken hearts tell tall tales,

And though bruised bodies make excuse,

And though corrupt minds scheme,

And though sold souls weep,

Breakfast is on the table,

I have just prayed,

And it is enough,

For that is love.


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