For Thine is the Garden

East, I rise with the mother of madness. I pace West, I fall with the sound of mere sadness. The birds’ whisper North, I lead with my fist fit for ranting, The cicadas’ song South, I lie with the fallow, for planting. But   In the dark I wonder for a season, The night I […]

The Dahlia

I planted a violet dahlia by the boulder on the south lawn, And gave it a drink – the poor creature was powerful thirsty. As it drank the water it also drank in a secret or two that I let slip And it nodded in the breeze, as if to say “Ah, yes. I wondered […]

The sun rose, Ra

lifted his head, the cobra orb cried out to me like the souls of so many damned to be crushed between two planes of life eternal and temporal Ra’s cobra crown cried but Osiris taught me how to lift the planes above my head to let the others pass like so many seeds scattered from […]

Tilled Earth

And so the Sun rose – cloaked by Silence. The sweet tones of morning sated my Curiosity for death, and I understood The Reproach of Robins, Singers of repentance Given to forgive.   I begged of them atonement.   And so the Sun climbed, colored by Silence. The doldrum notes of mid-day inspired my Quiet […]

But of all these…

​The greatest is love. Love is the green, The grass, the smile On the lips, the chair That feels like home. Love is in hands, In books and songs, And friends, new and old. It is in the air we breathe, The words we say, And the way we speak. Love is in the stars […]

Eighth Day Love

Last light, love. Our virgin breath Must soon fade away, die In the growing dusk. When we wake tomorrow We will be newly old. Tomorrow morning, love, The sun will be high- Already zenith. Oh my Venus!          “Were there world enough           And time, dear lady…” But we have not enough time, For soon our souls […]